Saturday, May 4, 2013

Other Brodys

I have been neglecting this blog very much lately. I hope to keep it updated regularly over the summer as Brody and I spend  the summer together.

I just wanted to blog about something that has been on my heart lately.  A few weeks ago, I had a random dream about finding another child just like Brody (he was even identical to him in this strange dream) that lived in the area I teach. However, this "other Brody" was not being cared for and loved like our Brody. In my dream we adopted this child and raised him with our Brody. I woke up in tears and my heart breaking for all the "other Brodys" out there that are not loved and cared for.

I recently expressed a desire to Jeffery (my fiance and Brody's father) that I wanted to foster or even adopt a child with special needs like Brody. He said I was insane and I have to admit it would be quite the handful to raise another special needs child when our own son is so demanding. However, my heart is still so heavy as I think about all the other Brodys in the world and I hate to think that our own Brody that might have been born into a family that was not equipped to handle him.

But for now, I must be content with raising and loving my own Brody.

Here are few shots of what Brody bear has been up to:

Watching his dvd player with little brother:

Easter Egg Hunting:

Jumping on the trampoline at a local carnival: